Moved by the ecological impact of the 2018 summer fires in the Nordics, Arctic and Greece, CHARRED is a cross-generational cross-regional workshop in Copenhagen (15-19 Apr 2019) & Rovaniemi (22-26 Apr 2019), connecting creatives and youth from 5 Nordic Countries, to co-create innovative designs and multifaceted skill-building resources, which future-proof the environmental resilience of children and communities across the Region and the world. 

Images: Geographic spread of project. Blue dots indicate partners, Red dots indicate workshops, yellow dots dissemination events

 CHARRED develops the Nordic Creativity, Sustainability and Environmental Resilience by: 

  • Addressing recent natural disaster with RELEVANCE to Nordic public life & opinion

  • Enhancing Nordic cross-generational, cross-regional CO-OPERATION addressing shared environmental challenges

  • Meeting current demands for CREATIVE, innovative and digital skill-building resources, developing Nordic environmental resilience

  • Including YOUTH & CHILDREN in co-creating innovative design responding to environmental challenges

  • Producing SUSTAINABILITY driven projects which profile multifaceted Nordic creativity in the global


MARIA HUHMARNIEMI | Visual Artist & Tutor | University of Lapland | FINLAND

Maria Huhmarniemi is an artist and a teacher in applied visual arts and art education. In her work as a visual artist, she engages with questions concerning the North, multiculturalism and communality, as well as environmental issues such as the relationship between people and nature and environmental responsibility. She has studied art education in University of Lapland. Her degree is Doctor of Arts. In her doctoral thesis she studied how artists can participate in environmental politics through art.

KIRSTI ANDERSEN | Sustainability Practitioner , CBS| DENMARK

Kirsti Reitan Andersen is a Post Doc at Copenhagen Business School. In her current work, she explores how to change towards practicing sustainability in organizations, focusing on local production, maker spaces and alternative business models, and her work engages with the creative industries. Kirsti is engaged in the development of teaching material for business students and practitioners, always with the users at the core of the process. She examines state of the art and cutting‐edge approaches to online and blended learning to both draw on existing material and platforms and develop new material. Kirsti has her background in European Cultural Studies, having spent five years as a research and project manager at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).


Jóní Jónsdóttir and Eirún Sigurвardóttir are the current members of the art collective THE ICELANDIC LOVE CORPORATION (ILC) an art group that was established in 1996 by three woman artists: Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir (b.1973), Jóní Jónsdóttir (b.1972) and Eirún Sigurdardóttir (b.1971). The Icelandic Love Corporation has actively and successfully worked in the field of visual art, both at home and abroad, using nearly all possible media—including performance, video, photography, and installation—the ILC confronts the seriousness of the world with works that blend playfulness, humor and spectacle with refreshing genuineness and subtle social critique that often incorporates ideas of traditional femininity, with feministic approach.They’re works have been shown internationally, e.g. at ARoS Kunstmuseum Denmark, Moma Museum of Modern Art New York, The Schirn Kunsthalle Germany, Kunsthalle Wien Vienna, et al.


Gabriel Johann Kvendseth lives and works in Bergen, Norway, and is a graduate of the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. His artistic practice encompasses sculpture, artifact production, writing, performance and interactive installation. His work revolves around notions of mysticism, labor, violence, economy and civilization ethics. He has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries, including Arkhangelsk Fine Arts Museum and Murmansk Regional Art Museum in Russia; Sámi Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok, Norway; Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland; Northern Norwegian Art Museum in Tromsø, Norway; Kreuzberg Pavillon in Berlin, Germany; Del Infinito in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kunstnerforbundet, Kunsthall Oslo,

Image: CHARRED enhances multifaceted Nordic creative expression (Clockwise: Maria Huhmarniemi-FI, Icelandic love Corporation-IS, Kirsti Reitan Andersen-DK, Aris Papadopoulos-GR, Another Tomorrow-SE, Gabriel Johann Kvendseth-NO, Sara Skotte-NO)

JOE COPPARD | Digital Design Innovator | Another Tomorrow | SWEDEN

Another Tomorrow enable change through prototyping, perspectives and process. Their approach combines design thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration and decades of experience in digital production, hackathon design and scaling products. Another Tomorrow enable change across industries and societies with people like WWF, Swedbank, SvergiesRadio, PWC and Wieden+Kennedy. Joe is a creative director and facilitator from London living and working in Stockholm. As co-founder of Protothon Joe pioneered hackathons and interdisciplinary collaboration as a way to forge the future

SARA SKOTTE | Designer-Maker | NORWAY

Sara Skotte (is a designer maker, working in the intersection between design and art. All her products are handmade and are characterized by originality and usability. Her philosophy is to design products that through the design and its high quality will stand the test of time. Sara is interested in what way the things that surround us affect us physically and on a more conceptual level. Her wish is to design everyday objects that gives the user a positive experience and that challenges her. Throughout her career she has exhibited in both juried and by invitation exhibitions in Norway and prestigious exhibitions abroad. To mention a few, Norwegian Presence and Structure, both Milan Design Week, 100% Norway, London and Stockholm Design Weeks. She also had solo exhibitions in Porsgrunn, Norway, and various group exhibitions in Norway. She has designed products for the Michelin starred top restaurant Maaemo, Oslo in 2013, for which she was nominated Best accessories in the Bo Bedre Design Award 2013. She was also given the Design Talent of the Year award by Elle Decoration in 2005.


Aris is an architect, emerging cultural producer and co-founder of LATRA, a socially-driven creative agency which seeks to bring the Creative Industries on the frontlines of global environmental, educational and humanitarian challenges. LATRA specializes in projects of creative innovation, cultural diplomacy and sustainable development, with the intention of enhancing social innovation and creative entrepreneurship. In 2018, LATRA was awarded the Intercultural Achievement Recognition Award by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and won the International UNCOVER Design Prize by StartUp Mannheim in Germany. In 2017, LATRA won first place in the prestigious Global Be.Creative Challenge and was honored by EU Commissioner for Culture, Education, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics. LATRA’s project have been financed by the Nordic Council of Minister (Culture & Art Programme), European Union National Institutes of Culture, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Creative Industries Fund Netherlands (Internationalization Grants 2016, 2017 & StartUp Grant 2017). 




CHARRED is a project created and implemented by 7 Nordic creatives and 9 established and well-rooted Nordic stakeholders, based in 5 different Nordic countries (SE, DK, FI, NO, IS), across the Region (Copenhagen, Rovaniemi) as well as abroad (GR).



CHARRED is spread across the Region:

  • Field Meetings: Gothenburg

  • Workshops: Copenhagen, Rovaniemi

  • Implementation: Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Greece

Image: The 2018 Summer Fires affected the entire Nordic Region (Clockwise: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)


CHARRED extends beyond a national perspective by empowering cross-generational co-creation bringing together Creatives, Youth and Children from 5 Nordic countries to address shared, relevant and current environmental challenges arising from the 2018 summer fires, that affected the entire Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) as well as aboard (GR).


CHARRED positions the Nordic Region in the world, by profiling multifaceted Nordic creative innovation in environmental resilience that is inclusive of youth, children and communities as well as diverse perspectives of feminism, economy, art and digitalization.


CHARRED positions the world in the Nordic Region, by working with Nordic experts in cultural internationalization (Norwegian Embassy, Nordic Institute) to transform Nordic knowledge into experience exchanges with relevant stakeholders abroad.



The project strengthens the following perspectives of Nordic sustainability:

Social: Enables Nordic society to access and build-up creative skills in order to tackle current and future ecology crises across the region

Economic: Addresses the economic repercussions of environmental crises in Nordic economy and collaborates with Copenhagen Business School to develop the creative economy behind the creative outcomes

Cultural: Profiles the role of Nordic Creative Industries’ as frontline guardians and innovators of sustainable development, generating art and design that address complex regional and global ecological challenges.

Ecological: Supports the ‘Green Transition’ Agenda amongst Nordic countries by implementing it in its environmental and cooperation strategies.

Multifaceted: Creates a cohesive Nordic ecological consciousness by reaching out to creatives, youth and children through cross-generation, cross-regional creative events

Image: CHARRED addresses three Nordic Agendas: The Strategy for Nordic Cultural Co-operation,

The Nordic Way to Sustainable Development Action and the Nordic Countries in the Green Transition.