CULTUREMAKERS is a Cultural Intelligence skill-developing project, empowering local and refugee youth from remote socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Greece, to create films that future-proof the Internationalisation of European Culture by fostering shared peacebuilding Values across the Region and steering communities away from radicalisation.

CULTUREMAKERS future-proof the Internationalisation profile of European Culture by producing films showcasing local heritage & traditions, whilst simultaneously improving well-being, acquiring cultural intelligence skills and increasing their 21st Century resilience.

The films are distributed to cultural institutions, governments and civil society actors, tackling shared challenges on the Internationalisation of Culture across the Region.

Images: The CULTUREMAKERS in action

CULTUREMAKERS address the following challenges in Internationalization: 

  • The role of the Creative Industries in the Internationalisation of European Culture & Values

  • Inclusivity of marginalized communities in the advancement of DIGITALISATION in Internationalised Culture and Creative Industries

  • Accessibility to NEW OPPORTUNITIES created by the Internationalisation of European Culture & Values

  • EMPOWERMENT through 21st Century Cultural Intelligence SKILLS that help build a shared Internationalised European Cultural consciousness

  • Safeguarding peace in the Region, by enhancing the WELL-BEING of European communities which are vulnerable to radicalisation and extremism

Images: The Cultural Heritage site of the Roman Aqueduct a few hundred meters from Moria

Culture & CIs contribute to the project’s innovative and international character by contributions in:

CONTEXT: Assists in the Cultural integration of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds (camps, accommodation centers, remote villages)

CONTENT: Internationalises European Culture & builds the resilience of European Values

METHOD: Empowers youth with 21st Century Cultural Intelligence skills

IMPACT: Future-proofs the Internationalisation of European Culture & Values by championing civic cultural engagement

CROSS OVER:  Combines hands-on cultural education and on-the-field implementation

Images: CULTUREMAKERS in action


  • Enhances the peacebuilding capacity of Internationalised European Culture

  • Creates new opportunities for marginalised communities to contribute to the Internationalisation of European Culture

  • Empowers youth, communities and citizens, to apply European Values to Internationalisation challenges



  • Connects Cultural Intelligence, Digitalisation and 21st Century skills, to address the Internationalisation of European Culture, Values and Heritage

  • Future-proofs civic engagement and inclusivity in the Internationalisation of European Culture, Values & Heritage

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