#SharedWayOfLife is an awareness campaign that mobilizes cross-generational and gender-balanced communities refugees, immigrants, locals and civil society in Greece and across Europe, to petition the President-elect of the European Commission to transform the migration portfolio from ‘Protecting our European Way of Life’ into our #SharedWayOfLife.

Dear Ms. President-elect,

We congratulate you on proactively using creativity and imagination in moving away from the prosaic titles given to Commissioner’s portfolios thus far. 

We are looking forward in seeing creativity that goes beyond portfolio titles, and is proactively employed, in tackling some of the most serious challenges that our European Community is facing.

However, titles are important.

They signify both intention and stance. 

Therefore we believe that the title of the portfolio for migration that you assigned to vice-president Mr. Margaritis Schinas, needs to have its current title -‘Protecting our European way of life’- revised. 

In your mission letter to Mr. Schinas, you underline that "the European way of life is built around solidarity, peace of mind and security". 

We believe that ‘Protecting our European way of life’ is also about Protecting its Inclusivity.  

As the first woman to become President of the European Commission
and a champion for women’s issues, you are well aware of the adversities that citizens in our community are facing in gaining equal opportunities. 

As a seasoned politician, you have seen the recent and persistent electoral gains of the far-right across Europe, even at the expense of your own party in Germany. 

Do not empower the far-right to hijack your message for a new era in our Community. 

We urge you to rename the migration portfolio. 

We urge you to create a #sharedwayoflife.